Homemade gifts are huge this year. We have a list of 10 DIY easy ones

By jennyd on December 5, 2023
(Photo by Chaloner Woods/Getty Images)

(Denver, CO) It has become huge in my family. Homemade gifts instead of store bought is fun trend. It is the thought and time that counts but if you are not crafty (just like me) then here are some easy DIY homemade gifts sure to make everyone smile! Good luck and remember to send me pictures when you are done!! – Jenny 

  • Handmade clay ornaments can be customized with stamped letters or imprints
  • Personalize a jean jacket with patches, fringe, paint, or rhinestones
  • Etch designs onto glassware using stencils and etching cream
  • Create a personalized doormat with initials, a saying, or an image
  • Make a chunky knit blanket using finger knitting
  • Make homemade infused olive oils with olive oil and additives like lemon peels or garlic
  • Handwrite or type out favorite recipes and compile them into a recipe book
  • Make a homemade sugar scrub with sugar, coconut oil, and essential oil
  • Create a DIY bath soak with Epsom salt, dried flowers, and essential oil
  • Make a world map corkboard with acrylic paint and decorative push pins


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