Guanella Pass At Peak Colors

By Jim Lawson on October 6, 2023
(Photo: Jim Lawson)

My wife and I drove Guanella Pass last weekend and it was just stunning. If you have a chance, take the drive this weekend as the colors will be at their peak.

With all the rain we had this year it seems that the colors are more vibrant than ever. Here’s a tip though, drive from Highway 285 near Grant CO, to Georgetown.

The traffic coming from Georgetown to Highway 285 was backed up for about 3 miles. There is only a stop sign when turning left back to Denver on 285 causing a long backup.

If you head to Georgetown on the drive you’ll end up right in the downtown area with some nice local shops and restaurants. 

Looking for a good restaurant in Georgetown? We stopped at Coopers On The Creek and had a wonderful dinner. We hadn’t heard about this place before but learned it is well known by locals and tourists alike.

Anthony Bourdain once commented “I think food, culture, people and landscape are all inseparable.” You’ll find that at Coopers On The Creek.

Enjoy Colorado’s fall colors soon if you can.

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