Gen Z having mid-life crisis and social media may be to blame

By Melissa Moore on March 21, 2024

It’s hard to believe that an age group that isn’t even 30 is having a mid-life crisis.  According to the US surgeon general, social media may be to blame for the so called mid-life “crisis” that is happening with people born between 1997-2012. 

US surgeon general Vivek Murthy told The Guardian, “What’s happening in social media is the equivalent of having children in cars that have no safety features and driving on roads with no speed limits, “No traffic lights and no rules whatsoever. And we’re telling them: ‘You know what, do your best – figure out how to manage it.’ It is insane if you think about it.”

Murphy was commenting on Gallup’s World Happiness Report that found that Gen Z was the most unhappy age group.  The US ranked 23 on the poll and Gen Z ranked 62nd out of 143 countries for happiness.

The World Happiness Report is an annual report that looks at the overall wellbeing of people around the world. This is the first year the US has fallen out of the top 20.

World Happiness Report … where is the US?

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