Denver’s crazy history with March 13th snowstorms

By Melissa Moore on March 13, 2024

Denver, CO – March is known in Colorado as the snowiest month.  Meaning, we get more snow in March than any other month of the year.  Yes, it’s Spring snow meaning it’s heavy and wet.  Not good for power lines or for the crazy Denver commutes.

In recent years Denver has had some serious snowstorms move in on March 13th and March 14th.  Who remembers the bomb cyclone of 2019? That storm started after a serious low pressure system moved over the state and set new pressure records. What it meant for residents was lots of wind and snow.  The Denver area had wind gusts similar to a hurricane at 80 mph and during the bomb cyclone of 2019 almost half a million people lost power in the Denver metro area.

Then there was the blizzard storm of 2021.  Again, strong winds and heavy snowfall shut down the city and canceled over 2,000 flights at DIA. Northeast Colorado was the hardest hit by this winter snow storm.

The storm that is moving in today is expected to set more records with snowfall and closures.  For all the latest closings, monitor the KOSI 101.1 website and keep listening  to for the latest snow information through the day. For  flights, a great resource is Flight Aware. 

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