Bride Misses Her Own Wedding From Cancelled Flight

By Melissa Moore on January 3, 2023
LA GRACIOSA, SPAIN – OCTOBER 01: Anabel Pantoja during her wedding on October 1, 2021 in La Graciosa, Spain. (Photo By Jose Ruiz/Europa Press via Getty Images)

Being late to your own wedding is bad.  What about missing your own wedding?  It happened to Katie Demko of St. Louis.

Katie was supposed to fly out on December 30th to Belize with her family to get married.  When she arrived at the airport she found out that Southwest cancelled their flight,because they didn’t have enough flight attendants. Then there weren’t any seats to get her and her family to Belize the next day.  Where was her finance?  Already in Belize with his mother.

Katie never made it.

The cost of the cancelled flight for Katie?  70K!  Katie has actually lost over $70,000 from the cancellation after booking the resort, flights, catering.  Katie says they may try again around President’s Day.

Do they have wedding insurance?  Maybe that now needs to be a thing.

xox Melissa


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