Allergies kicking up already? here is why?

By Murphy Huston on March 22, 2024
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Spring is here in Colorado and that means you allergies will state annoying you. This year could be a little worse than past years.  All that snow we had last week is good news for our water supply, but not good news when it comes to itchy eyes and runny noses. Thats because all that snow is going to help grasses, trees and shrubs to green up quickly

It starts with the tree pollen and then the grass pollen. Doctors are saying now is the time to prepare and beat the pollen in the air. Besides taking medications there are things to do at home. Keep you windows closed from like 2-9pm. Avoid being outside during that time as well. Change your clothes throughout the day and take a shower before you go to bed to get the pollen off.



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