30 “Broke ‘Till Payday” Meals That People Swear By

By Jenny D on April 27, 2023
392978 02: (HOLLAND OUT) Dutch Euro coins are displayed at the Netherlands Bank in Lelystad in this recent photo. From January 1st 2002 the Euro will be the only official currency in 11 European countries. The production of some 40 billion coins and more than nine billion notes has taken over three years. The participating countries are: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Austria, Portugal and Finland. (Photo by Getty Images)

Why is food SOOOOOO expensive?? Trying to feed 2 growing girls with healthy options is becoming harder and harder in my house.  So when this article popped up I was all in.  Usually I will eat hard boiled eggs and sandwiches when it get’s really bad. Peanut Butter and Jelly or Grilled Cheese always a staple.  What do you do (that tastes good) and helps stretch the trips to grocery store farther apart?


Here is the article I came across with some ideas as well 🙂 The top meals included grilled cheese and tomato soup, rice and beans, tuna, soup and eggs and hash browns.

Bored Panda 30


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