Joker Is The Story We Should Discuss

By Melissa Moore on October 28, 2019
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 28: Joaquin Phoenix attends the premiere of Warner Bros Pictures “Joker” on September 28, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

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Joaquin Phoenix is a genius and will make you cry for his character.  I saw Joker over the weekend and was nervous at first, because I had heard it was dark.  I don’t like dark and I don’t like watching anything like truly feels evil.  This movie though, didn’t feel like that to me.  It felt sad and tragic.  The story of a mentally ill man who fell through the cracks and was bullied all his life for being different.  A man who suffered childhood abuse and then mental illness because of it.  It is in no way a children’s movie- so fair warning on that one.  What I will say is that this movie is a story that should be told, talked about and watched.  If for nothing else than to build compassion for those suffering with mental illness.  Joaquin Phoenix also deserves the Oscar.  Period.

xo Melissa

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