$150 To Eat At Casa Bonita

By Melissa Moore on June 26, 2023
Casa Bonita open six months and most of Colorado still waiting for invite.
(Photo by Hyoung Chang/The Denver Post)

Some people are upset at the new prices for Casa Bonita.  Over the weekend Casa Bonita did what’s called a ‘soft opening’.  They opened for Friday & Saturday night and for only those invited with timed entry tickets.

The prices came out as $39.99 per adult and $24.99 per child – 12 and under. That price includes a non-alcoholic drink, entree and sopapillas.  Not sure on tax?

So how do you spend $150 on dinner at Casa Bonita? 

Here is a proposed breakdown of costs for Family of Four:

2 Adults – $80

2 Kids – $50

2 Margaritas – $22 (this is an estimate – haven’t seen any prices yet for alcohol)

15% Service Fee for tickets $19.50

TOTAL WITHOUT EXTRAS:  $171.50 ($149.50 without margaritas)

Don’t forget there is also an old school arcade.  $10-20 bucks there?  Maybe some souvenirs?  We all wanted better food and to see Casa Bonita open.  This is the cost.

Are you still excited to go?  Hopefully this will also be a tourist spot for the city and bring some revenue money.





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