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eBodyGuard is the most effective hands-free personal safety app with GPS location, direct to 911 and evidence collection. We don’t have the expense or management of standalone call centers. This is our 911 difference. Our team’s experience and CJIS compliance make eBodyGuard the most reliable source among all personal safety apps. Melissa Faith Hart spent 17 years in corporate America, mostly with Xerox. Previously, the North America Public Safety Strategist for Conduent, she co-pioneered eDiscovery for the state of Colorado. eDiscovery is a technological innovation that integrates 363 law enforcement agencies with the District Attorneys’ Offices and the Court System. It is the first of its kind, making Colorado the only state in the nation to have such capabilities. Melissa and her Executive Team have now brought eBodyGuard to the market. Together, these two solutions will finally create swift due process. Melissa is CJIS compliant and has served on multiple Law Enforcement non-profits. She has been affectionately termed the “Law Enforcement Ambassador” within the technology space. As a survivor of violent crime, Melissa remains committed to her passion for saving lives and making a difference in the Criminal Justice community.

About Your Voice

Melissa Moore is a radio veteran having been on stations in Denver, Orlando, Minneapolis and a syndicated show in over a hundred cities and 7 countries. Melissa has won Colorado Broadcaster Awards and is currently hosting Middays on KOSI 101.1 and Mile High Magazine for Bonneville. Melissa is also a well-known blogger with Single Mom Sass and Moore 4 Love where she writes about relationships and her life as a single mother. Melissa is passionate about empowering women to live their best life. Melissa is also the owner of Melissa Moore Media.

Melissa Faith Hart is an overcomer by nature! She believes in a life philosophy whereby one becomes a victor over victimization, which can ultimately lead to becoming a visionary. Melissa overcame child molestation and two occurrences of rape. Rather than being embittered, she became impassioned to create change and disrupt the cycles of domestic violence and sexual assaults. During a successful 17-year corporate career, Melissa focused on integrating technological innovations within the Criminal Justice system. She helped create the first fully automated eDiscovery system in the state of Colorado. Along with her current executive team, she brought to market eBodyGuard – the first FBI Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS), voice enabled personal safety and wellness app. eBodyGuard provides evidence in court for victims of domestic violence and sex assault at the origination of the crime. With the expertise of her team, justice enhancement can be experienced for victims and to the defense, thus truly addressing the “he said/she said” conflict throughout the Court Process. Melissa’s personal journey was anything but simple. In this podcast, she bravely speaks about life’s twists and turns without the shadow of shame from former traumas. By sharing her truth, Melissa hopes to empower others so they can be FREE to find their own “brave” and go from victim to victor to visionary.

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