Top 10 Most Searched Dreams.

By Jim Lawson on June 26, 2023
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According to the Daily Mail these are the TOP 10 MOST SEARCHED DREAMS and meaning of the top 5

according to sleep expert, Dr Daisy Mae, based on Google Search Data, and her suggested some meaning behind them.

1) Dreaming About Teeth Falling Out

This dream is an incredibly common one, evidenced by the fact that it’s the most searched for term when it come to dreams. 

Dr Mae added: ‘This is a really common dream. It often means that the dreamer is worried about losing something important to them. 

‘This could be a family member, a relationship or even a specific item. Only you know what you’re worried about losing, but that’s often what it’s related to.”

2) Dreaming About Spiders

Dreaming about spiders is a little more complicated, as the meaning of the dream can vary depending on what the spider is doing, and how you typically feel towards them, the expert says. 

‘The meaning of the dream about spiders depends on what spiders were actually doing in the dream. If there were spiders around, and you generally have a fear of spiders, then it could be reflecting something that you’re scared of in real-life, whether this be relationship worries, financial worries or even work worries. However, if the spider bit you, then it could be that you feel attacked or victimized by someone and it’s playing on your mind a bit. It’s also worth noting that the bigger the spider, the bigger the real-life problem is.”

3) Dreaming About Being Chased

Dreams about being chased are one of the more literal topics when it comes to dream analysis, with the doctor suggesting that being chased ‘can reflect you are running away from problems in real-life, which is never a good thing. 

‘Soon, these problems will catch-up with you, so it’s best to pin the problem down and resolve it’.

She adds: ‘It could also mean that you’re overwhelmed with life’s responsibilities, whether childcare is getting on top of you, or your working life. Again though, it’s really better to pin down this problem and resolve it as fast as you can.’

4) Dreaming About Hair Falling Out

Although you might expect them to be similar, dreaming about your teeth falling out and dreaming about hair falling out can represent quite different things. 

“Dreaming about your hair falling out, whether it be in clumps or every strand on your head, could often mean that you’re fearing getting old or you’re feeling less attractive in yourself. 

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about getting older, but you can certainly improve your confidence levels by being kinder to yourself, recognizing your good qualities or if you think it’s really bad, then get help from someone external like a therapist”

5) Dreaming About Falling

At number five, dreams about falling usually indicate a loss of control.

For example, if you dream about both falling and running away consecutively, this could suggest that you’ve lost control over something and are choosing not to address it, Dr Mae says. 

She continues to add: “Falling often indicates that someone can’t control a specific situation in their life, and may indicate anxiety over losing control of specific events or things going on in someone’s life. 

‘The feeling of falling may represent a sign of helplessness, so if someone else is going through something and you can’t help in any way, falling in a dream may signify that.”

Rounding out the top 10 are:

6) Dreaming about an ex

7) Dreaming about flying

8) Dreaming about death

9) Dreaming about cheating

10) Dreaming about partner cheating

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