The Beard Will Be Back – Rockies Sign Charlie Blackmon to a One-Year Deal

By Shawn Patrick on October 2, 2023

At least fans will recognize one player for the Colorado Rockies in 2024… 

The team just resigned outfielder Charlie Blackmon to a one-year $13 million guaranteed deal that offers an additional $2MM in incentives. Blackmon would receive $500K apiece for tallying 425, 450, 475 and 500 trips to the plate.

Some will say that’s a lot of cash to a guy who doesn’t produce as much as he once did and battle injuries, but I say the Rockies did right by the fans. I went to a game last year as a casual fan and didn’t recognize a single name on the roster of the home team that lost by 7 that night. I never had a desire to go to another game in what turned out to be the worst season in franchise history. 

Blackmon has spent his entire career in Colorado. A second-round pick in 2009, he debuted two years later, making the 2024 campaign his 14th as a Rockie. 

The guy could hit .150 next season, and I’ll still be grateful that we get to see/thank him for all of his contributions and loyalty to the team for so many years! 

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