Teddy Bear Patrol


You can start donating Teddy Bears this July on July 9th – August 24th! Last year, KOSI 101.1 donated over 4,000 teddy bears to Denver Fire, EMS and Police. See below for pictures from our Teddy Bear Patrol culminating event!


Join the Teddy Bear Patrol and help a child!

Sometimes the smallest act of kindness can have a big impact. That was the underlying goal of the Teddy Bear Patrol community promotion on KOSI 101.1 FM this summer.
When first responders arrive on the scene of an emergency in which a child is involved, it can be a traumatic event for that child. If the first responder could go to the trunk of his or her vehicle and hand that child a teddy bear to ease his or her anxiety, it goes a long way.


Here’s what our sponsors and first responders say about the Teddy Bear Patrol:

Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

“Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children is a proud sponsor and partner in Denver’s first Teddy Bear Patrol. At Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, we know how important it is to make a child feel as comfortable as possible in an emergency situation. Providing teddy bears to those children is a great start in the recovery process. Thanks to our EMS and first responders for their hard work and dedication that makes an impact every day.”

– Maureen Tarrant, President and CEO, Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

Denver Police Department

“The Denver Police Department is glad to be part of the Teddy Bear Patrol to provide Teddy Bears to kids we come in contact with who’ve been involved in a traumatic event. We appreciate the community effort to help us collect these bears.”