Murphy Huston has been on the air for over 50 years...32 of them in Denver and 22 of those years on KOSI. Murphy loves being involved in the community and helping others. He is pleased to have won several awards along the way including the "7 Everyday Hero" award. For years Murphy was the face of the Colorado Lotto drawings weekly on CBS 4. It has always been his goal to put a smile on your face and make your day a little better. Muprhy is blessed with a wonderful wife who he has known since they were 15. They have raised 4 children in Denver and now have 7 beautiful grandchildren. He also loves all sports which makes a real Denver "Homer," and enjoys playing golf.

Well deserved!!

Great news…..Roy Halladay makes it to the Hall of Fame!!…

The Biggest Great White Shark Ever!!

Two divers recently encountered a 20 foot Great White Shark!! while diving off the coast of Hawaii..They got pictures!!!…are they just nuts!!

A Christmas Smile!!

This made smile and laugh!..hope it is the same for you..easy the holiday stress a bit!…..Murphy

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