Melissa Moore may not be a Denver native, but don’t tell her that! Melissa grew up in the Denver area and after attending Ball State University moved back to Denver where she worked for various radio stations and KWGN-TV before joining Murphy Huston as KOSI 101.1’s first morning show. After career opportunities in Orlando, Minneapolis and Nashville, Melissa is now back home hosting middays on KOSI 101.1 Melissa is a busy single mom to a teenager, obsessed pet parent to an English bulldog and rescue cat, creator and Blogger of Single Mom Sass/Moore4Love. Melissa Co-hosts a nationally syndicated podcast regarding domestic violence called ‘Your Voice.” and hosts a weekly community affairs show – Mile High Magazine. Melissa is also the founder of ‘Melissa’s BFF Club’ which brings women together for connection and service. Melissa has won two Colorado Broadcasting Awards and in her free time loves home remodeling projects, gardening, coffee, yoga and anything that gets her outdoors in beautiful CO.

What do women want? Tell me what you want, what you really, really want…ha…  Women want connection.  In a NYE survey, women stated year after year that their goal is to make new friendships and cultivate relationships.  This is exactly what Melissa’s BFF Club is all about!  New friendships and experiences together.  Whether it’s a powerful speaker we’re going to see, a movie premiere, a night at the theatre, volunteering in our community or a Saturday morning coffee – this is Melissa’s BFF Club!  Of course, we’ll have one of a kind experiences that you can sign up for thanks to KOSI 101.1 – but there will also be everyone welcome experiences too.  This is the ‘club’ to sign up for if you’re looking for real connections.  This is about a community of women connecting and supporting one another.  Xoxo Melissa

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Honesty At All Costs Is Admirable

Some of my best relationships never happened.  Sure these relationships took off in my head, but they never materialized.  I may have gone out with these guys, but I didn’t ‘date’ them. I actually don’t know if they...

I’m Done Fighting This Reality

I have been flopping around like a fish out of water.  When I was a kid I learned to fish on Lake Tippecanoe, Indiana with my grandfather.  I wasn’t very big and the cane pole I learned with was at least twice my...

Drowning In Our Difficult Feelings

Fear, anxiety, depression, loneliness…whatever you may be dealing with right now may feel extra intense thanks to Covid-19. Maybe you’ve never experienced these feelings before and they’ve hit you out of nowhere. ...

Our Culture of Fear Concerns Me

The corona virus makes me nervous, but it’s our current culture of fear that is really bothering me.  This past weekend I went to the grocery store and the feeling of fear was permeating throughout the store.  Yes...

CO Schools Districts Announce Closures Through End Year

The Governor announced that schools are closed through April 30th, but did say school districts may opt to keep them closed through the end of the year.  Today, the following school districts announced plans to continue...

Autism Awareness Day – My Personal Connection

Having a daughter on the autism spectrum- this day means a lot to me.  My little girl was diagnosed at the age of 3 1/2 after numerous doctors told us that nothing was wrong and we were imaging things.  We knew that...

Cats & Dominos to Relax You Today

I was thinking, really? Then I watched it and found myself forgetting about the craziness of the world for just a few minutes. Have a great Monday! xox Melissa

Zoom or Facetime??

With our state being on a ‘stay at home order’ more and more people are connecting via technology. So how do you choose between Facetime or Zoom? xox Melissa

Kids Love Animals!! Fun At Home With Denver Zoo!!

Yes, the Denver Zoo is closed but that doesn’t mean your kids can’t have an amazing experience with the animals at the Denver Zoo!  The Zoo just announced that they’re launching VIRTUAL Zoo daily...

How Love Languages Are Affected by Covid-19

This corona virus-Covid-19 is tough on my dating life!  I say this in jest, but also with a splash of truth because, it’s tough on all of our social lives.  Today, I can honestly say that I am more thankful for my...

Bachelor Madison’s Mascara Brand

What do you think of her eyelashes?? Beautiful- but not for me is what I say. They are sooo long!! Sweet woman though and love her strength. xoxo Melissa

Join Melissa’s BFF Club!

So excited to be launching my BFF Club!!  What an incredible way for women to connect, have fun and support one another.  Sign up here!! xoxo

Men Are Crying On Dates With Me…WHY?

What do you do when a guy starts crying on a date? If you’re me, you have no clue what to do and just stare at him. I know… this just might be my issue and not his?? Maybe. Mr. Tears (who is a very nice person) is...

Woman Wastes Years Watering Fake Plant

LOL! Oh my gosh- I can totally relate to this woman and see myself doing the same thing. It’s a succulent – they look fake! Happy Friday!! xoxo Melissa

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