Melissa Moore may not be a Denver native, but don’t tell her that!  Melissa grew up in the Denver area and after attending Ball State University moved back to Denver where she worked for various radio stations and KWGN-TV before joining Murphy Huston as KOSI 101.1’s first morning show.  After career opportunities in Orlando, Minneapolis and Nashville, Melissa is now back home hosting afternoons on KOSI 101.1  Melissa is a busy single mom to a teenager, obsessed pet parent to an English bulldog and rescue cat, creator and Blogger of Single Mom Sass/Moore2Life and Host of the same podcasts.  She also hosts a weekly community affairs show – Mile High Magazine and has won two Colorado Broadcasting Awards. Melissa loves remodeling home projects, coffee, yoga and anything that gets her outdoors in beautiful CO.

Zoom or Facetime??

With our state being on a ‘stay at home order’ more and more people are connecting via technology. So how do you choose between Facetime or Zoom? xox Melissa

Kids Love Animals!! Fun At Home With Denver Zoo!!

Yes, the Denver Zoo is closed but that doesn’t mean your kids can’t have an amazing experience with the animals at the Denver Zoo!  The Zoo just announced that they’re launching VIRTUAL Zoo daily...

How Love Languages Are Affected by Covid-19

This corona virus-Covid-19 is tough on my dating life!  I say this in jest, but also with a splash of truth because, it’s tough on all of our social lives.  Today, I can honestly say that I am more thankful for my...

Bachelor Madison’s Mascara Brand

What do you think of her eyelashes?? Beautiful- but not for me is what I say. They are sooo long!! Sweet woman though and love her strength. xoxo Melissa

Men Are Crying On Dates With Me…WHY?

What do you do when a guy starts crying on a date? If you’re me, you have no clue what to do and just stare at him. I know… this just might be my issue and not his?? Maybe. Mr. Tears (who is a very nice person) is...

Woman Wastes Years Watering Fake Plant

LOL! Oh my gosh- I can totally relate to this woman and see myself doing the same thing. It’s a succulent – they look fake! Happy Friday!! xoxo Melissa

Coat Doubles Sleeping Bag for Homeless

Genius idea to help the homeless! Love seeing where all the incredible ideas come from when we work together. Definitely a feel good story. xoxo Melissa

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