Melinda Connolly

Melinda moved to Colorado when she turned 13, and never left. Her love of music and a Broadcast Journalism degree from the University of Colorado Boulder, led her to radio. Melinda has been in radio for 25 years, with 18 of those on-air with KOSI. Her friendly, upbeat style is a perfect fit, and she enjoys talking with our KOSI listeners!

Melinda and her husband Troy have 1 daughter (age 9), who is active in school and sports activities. Melinda absolutely loves the water, and family vacations almost always involve a beach! She also likes to take pictures, and you could follow her family’s  life ‘in pictures’ by looking at the photo albums she puts together each year.

Melinda lives in South East Aurora, with a relaxing view of the Aurora Reservoir. (That water thing again!)