Lea Michele to star in live game-changing ‘Little Mermaid’ adaptation.

By Herb Scribner

Lea Michele will be heading under the sea for a live-action adaptation of “The Little Mermaid” film.

The Hollywood Bowl announced Monday that it will host a revival production of the classic Disney film to celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary.

The “Glee” actress will play Ariel, who falls in love Prince Eric (Leo Gallo) through the help of Ursula (Harvey Fierstein). King Triton (Peter Gallagher) will try to stop Ariel from falling in love with a human, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The cast will perform hit songs from the Oscar- and Grammy-winning soundtrack. An orchestra will provide a live score for the film while it’s portrayed on a major motion picture screen.

The event will include a live scenery feature that shows projection mapping across the stage. Basically, the performance will be a digital product that will create an immersive experience.

“Sometimes it’s a frame, sometimes it’s an equivalent of scenery and sometimes it’s a costar,” director and co-producer Richard Kraft told the Los Angeles Times.

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