Honey Boo Boo may not have moved to Colorado

By jennyd on March 4, 2024
(Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for WE tv)

I remember feeling that way with my high school boyfriend. So young and in love. The show shows a lot about her decision. #MamaJuneFamilyCrisis #UpcomingEpisode

The Daily Mail says Honey Boo Boo’s relationship faces uncertainty because her boyfriend has declined to move to Colorado for college.

Boo Boo says,  ‘It’s important that Dralin gets to go with me to Colorado because for one, it’s a big scary move, and for two, I think Dralin would push me a lot more than I would push myself. I feel like I wouldn’t be the one to really want to make friends, but Dralin would always push me to make friends, make sure my school work’s done, everything.I feel like he would definitely push me to my limits.’

Dailey Mail Honey Boo Boo College Decision


Have you ever had to make that decision? #YoungLove #HoneyBOOBOO



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