He was NOT just a dog

By jennyd on August 1, 2023

First I wanted to say THANK you all for the love and support.  You always know what to say to make it easier to go through the hard stuff.  This last week I had to put my Rescue dog Ollie down after finding out that he had a rare type of blood Cancer. (Yes Cancer SUCKS).  I had someone reach out and tell me that he ” was just a dog” and that I would be fine.  Here is the thing YES I will be fine but he was never just a dog. He was my family, my child, my best friend and so much more.  He loved me UNCONDITIONALLY when there were days I couldn’t even bring my self to love my self.  He snuggled me when I couldn’t stop crying and did not want to get out of bed after my divorce.  He was my best friend and confidant. Today comes another hard day … telling my girls.  They have been gone for the weekend and every day ask if he is home from the vet yet. I am struggling not to cry and struggling for the words to tell them.  While I know I will find them and we will be ok and heal as a family…. I just wanted to remind people to have compassion and empathy.  He was the best dog and I will always thank God for having him the 6 years I did.  The best sign for me and my girls was after he passed I was a MESS and as I was sitting in my car driving home I saw a rainbow.  He made his way home!!!  He was a good boy and NOT JUST A DOG …. we do not deserve dogs.  Thank you again for always being so amazing and sharing in my life. XOXOXO Extra treats for all the fur babies today!!


My Oliver Jose – AKA Ollie Bear – AKA My Best Boy – AKA My Emotional Support Animal – AKA My Big Furry Baby I love you and will miss you always my friend!!


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