Emily Makinzie

Emily Makinzie is the resident Ray of Sunshine at KOSI 101.1. Emily is from Ken Caryl and has been on your radio dial for over 10 years in Denver. She has won multiple awards including the Colorado Broadcasters Association Award of Excellence for Best Denver Radio Personality, and delights fans with her passion, her positivity, and her love of “dad jokes”. A former theatre nerd, Emily has been involved with productions and improv, and likes to think she has a great arsenal of accents. Besides radio, Emily loves charity and does about 100 events each year. She is the emcee of the Denver Derby Party, has helped raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley, assisted in saving the lives of over 40,000 puppies, and been a huge support to the Children’s Hospital of Colorado’s Burn Unit and Burn Camps. When you think of Em, a few things should pop into your mind… like cheese, animals, first responders, the Goonies, gardening, and random trivia. Oh- and she hates to brag about this- but she’s also an award-winning Electric Slide dancer.