Did you spot the ‘Up’ reference in the new ‘Toy Story 4’ poster?

By bonneville on March 21, 2019
By Ari Rees

A new poster for “Toy Story 4” dropped online Tuesday, and in true Pixar fashion, it contains an Easter egg to a previous Pixar film that you may have missed if you weren’t looking closely.

The Easter egg: The poster shows a dynamic cast of new and familiar “Toy Story” characters standing on top of a table in an antique shop.

  • If you look on the left side of the poster, you’ll notice some paintings hanging on the wall of the shop, one of which at first glance looks like Cassius Marcellus Coolidge’s “Dogs Playing Poker.”
  • Look closer, however, and you may recognize a few familiar canines as well as an older gentleman in the frame.


The painting, which was pointed out by Fandom on Twitter, depicts the lovable yellow dog Doug from the film “Up” as well as the pilot Charles F. Muntz and his canine cohorts.

It also might have exciting implications about one of Pixar’s upcoming films.

Pixar is well known for leaving Easter eggs in their films that hint at past and future film projects.

Last February, the studio included an action figure in a scene of the “Incredibles 2” film that, on closer inspection, turned out to be Daredevil Duke Caboom, an action figure introduced Tuesday in the “Toy Story 4” trailer.

While we can’t say for certain if Pixar is reminiscing on the original “Up” film in the poster or alluding to a future film, it’s interesting to think the studio might be revisiting the “Up” story for a sequel.

“Toy Story 4” hits theaters June 21.

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