Denver Is Getting It’s First Nonstop Flight to Puerto Rico

By Shawn Patrick on October 25, 2023
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Sure, you can get to Puerto Rico from Denver, but you currently would have to layover somewhere else first… Soon though, Denver will be getting it’s first nonstop to the Caribbean island! 

Starting Oct. 29, United Airlines will be offering a new daily direct flight from Denver to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Currently, it requires at least 7.5 hours of air travel with at least one stop to get to Puerto Rico, but it will be 5.5 hours on this new direct flight.

Making it even more convenient, Puerto Rico is a United States territory meaning you don’t need a passport, they use the U.S. dollar, and many residents speak English. 

Book your direct to San Juan, Puerto Rico here. 

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