20 minute task all homeowners should do today, according to boiler expert

By jennyd on October 26, 2023
LEICESTERSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM – JANUARY 06: An exterior tap is covered in snow in Newtown Linford on January 6, 2010 in Leicestershire, United Kingdom. The MET Office has put in place severe weather warnings for much of Britain today as heavy snowfall sweeps across southern counties from Scotland and the north of England. It is predicted that the freezing conditions will bring Britain’s heaviest snowfall for 23 years with some areas of southern England estimated to receive up to 40cm of snow. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

I played a fun game this morning of is it Fire or Furnace in my home when the heat kicked on for the first time that smell is a LOT …. How about you? You ready?


With this weather change coming maybe you already blew out your sprinklers (If NOT you need to) but did you know another thing you should do? Boiler experts are advising homeowners to do a 20-minute task before the cold weather sets in to ensure that their heating systems are in working order. Mark Ingram, a technical gas and plumbing tutor, recommends turning on the heating for a short period of time to check that all radiators are heating up properly. He warns that delaying this task could result in a shock when relying on central heating during the colder months. Ingram also advises homeowners to bleed air out of the system if they notice any cold spots on their radiators, but to seek advice from a registered Gas Safe engineer for bigger concerns. Get ready to bundle up!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr XO 


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