TikTok’s husband test goes viral, but is it a good idea?

Mar 8, 2024, 11:12 AM | Updated: 7:33 pm

Does he think your love is the real thing?  There is a Tik Tok viral test about how to tell if he really loves you.  The test involves women secretly filming their boyfriends and then ‘accidentally’ calling them their husband versus boyfriend.

  1. If he doesn’t correct you, then he loves you and it’s the real thing.
  2. If he corrects you then the love isn’t real

Women have been doing the challenge and the comments about the interaction can be brutal.  One women’s whose boyfriend corrected her and she was told to run and move on from him.

What do you think?  What would happen if this was done in reverse with guys referring to women as their wives.  Does this ‘test’ just push the stereotype that it’s always the woman who wants to get married?

Here is an example of one that’s pretty funny

Here is another example of one that went the way she wanted it to 

What do you think of this test?

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TikTok’s husband test goes viral, but is it a good idea?