Nobody’s Perfect Podcast

Nobody's Perfect Podcast

Welcome to “Nobody’s Perfect” – a podcast that speaks directly to the hearts and minds of Colorado’s youth and families. Powered by NAMI Arapahoe/Douglas Counties and NAMI Colorado, our mission is simple, yet powerful: to empower, provide support, encourage collaboration, and raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing.

“Nobody’s Perfect,” funded by NAMI Colorado and Kaiser Permanente Community Health Fund at The Denver Foundation, aims to combat stigma, and raise awareness of mental health support services for youth and their families. Hosted by radio personality, podcaster, and mental health advocate, Jason Hopcus, the podcast provides guests with an opportunity to express themselves, share their experiences, and celebrate their achievements from topics ranging from personal development to embracing imperfections and practicing self-acceptance.

Today’s youth have a lot on their plate, with many facing unique mental health challenges earlier in life. The good news: now there’s a space for fearless leaders, community members, parents, guardians, and advocates to raise their collective voice and empower teens on their journeys.
“Nobody’s Perfect,” hosted by radio personality, podcaster, and mental health advocate, Jason Hopcus, is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where guests have the freedom to express themselves, share their experiences, and celebrate their achievements. Jason leverages his expertise and passion to spark sincere, meaningful conversations while ensuring all guests – and their stories – are seen and heard.
Our episodes explore important topics ranging from personal development to embracing imperfections and practicing self-acceptance. “Nobody’s Perfect” acknowledges the challenges mental health conditions pose and offers solutions that have the power to dismantle stigma and provide hope for all. Our community guides listeners toward valuable tools and support resources that empower youth and family members to navigate their journeys with strength, resilience, and hope.
We’re not just a podcast, we’re a movement fueled by the unwavering belief that despite the hurdles life can sometimes present, we can create a future that makes managing them in healthier ways easier because of people like you.
“Nobody’s Perfect” is an investment in outreach, impact, and resource sharing designed to ensure our positive impact extends across Colorado. So embark on this meaningful expedition with us – and together, we will build a brighter, more compassionate Colorado.
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When substance use/misuse derails an adolescent’s path, parents can feel helpless about getting their child’s life back in order. Youth can feel unseen and misunderstood about their experience. The latest @nobodysperfectcommunity episode, Jason Hopcus and Amy Staley talk to Sam Wilson, coordinator of the adolescent support group at Full Circle Program, about the practical steps parents can take to aid their teen’s recovery journey. Sam shares realistic advice on setting boundaries, building trust through honesty, establishing new routines, getting help for the whole family, and more. He stresses that while the road ahead involves work for everyone, small consistent actions of care and accountability make all the difference in helping teens regain self-confidence and responsibility. Tune in for compassionate wisdom that can inspire hope and gradual progress. #recovery #soberlife #sobersociety #parentingteens #mentalhealthmatters #addictioneducation #parentingtips #nobodysperfect #addiction

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In this empowering episode of @NobodysPerfectCommunity hosts Jason Hopcus and Amy Staley join forces with licensed social worker Llyndsey Reese to shed light on a crucial topic: Youth and the Journey to Body Positivity. Tune in as Llyndsey shares uplifting insights for parents, offering guidance on identifying signs of potential challenges with body image and disordered eating habits in youth. Discover ways to foster empathetic, judgment-free conversations with your child and gain practical tips on promoting a healthy mindset. Join us for a positive and informative discussion that encourages open communication, self-love, and stronger connections with food and body image. Don’t miss out on the tools to make a lasting impact on your child’s well-being – it’s time to embrace a brighter, body-positive future together! #BodyPositivityTalk #YouthWellness #ParentingTips #PositiveConversations #EmpowerYouth #HealthyRelationships #MindfulParenting #nobodysperfect

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When your child starts to falter at school, it can be a setback. You want to swoop in and fix their problems, but you can’t do it alone. This uplifting Episode 3 of Nobody’s Perfect reveals how to join forces with your child’s school to empower them to overcome obstacles and reclaim their inner spark. Join compassionate hosts Jason Hopcus and Amy Staley, LCSW as they have a heartening discussion with esteemed school psychologist and Director of Mental health for a large school district, Dr. Stephanie Crawford-Goetz. You’ll gain insights on nurturing, practical strategies to connect with teachers, counselors, and administrators so they become allies in ushering your child into their highest potential. Let this show renew your hope and equip you to spot early warning signs, collaborate to drive change, and unlock the right academic and emotional support to see your child thrive. With the unwavering guidance in this episode, you can build an unstoppable partnership with your school and transform struggle into strength. Your child’s inner light is waiting to be rekindled. #parentingsupport #schoolcollaboration #studentwellbeing #kidssuccess #schoolpsychologist #mentalhealthmatters #parentadvocate #parentteacherpartnership #schoolresources #childdevelopment #parentingtips #thrivingstudents #schoolcounseling #nobodysperfect

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In Episode 2 of the “Nobody’s Perfect” podcast, host Jason Hopcus and co-host Amy Staley, LCSW, dive into the universal struggle parents face: the pressure to have all the answers, especially when it comes to their children’s mental health.

They explore the realization that there is no one-size-fits-all approach in this critical area, as every child’s mental health journey is unique. Joining the conversation is special guest Jayme Harker, MSW and mom of 5, who skillfully breaks down the essential strategies that can help parents become more present, vulnerable, and emotionally resilient with their youth.

Tune in to Episode #2 now to gain valuable insights on navigating parenting and mental health in today’s complex world on

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Welcome to Episode 1 of “Nobody’s Perfect,” the podcast that’s here to support, inspire, and empower Colorado youth and families. Brought to you by the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) Arapahoe/Douglas Counties and NAMI Colorado, we’re breaking down stigma and offering solutions to the mental health and well-being challenges we all face.

In this inaugural episode, hosts, Jason Hopcus and Amy Staley, LCSW dive into the heart and soul of “Nobody’s Perfect.” They share why this podcast exists and what you can expect in the upcoming episodes. At “Nobody’s Perfect,” we don’t chase appearances, expectations, or perfection. Our focus is on creating a safe space for authentic, inspirational conversations. Our mission? Harness the power of shared storytelling to provide you with resources rooted in compassion, emotional resilience, and hope.

In each episode, you’ll hear from fearless experts, community advocates, leaders, parents, and supporters of youth who’ve chosen to speak up. They remind us that, despite life’s challenges, everyone deserves to be seen, heard, and valued. Our discussions aim to bridge the gap between youth and their families, helping them talk about the mental health challenges that often go unspoken.

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