Jenny and Jay
Jenny is a Colorado native (yeah that is pretty rare these days)! She grew up in Aurora then branched out to Fort Collins and got a degree in journalism from Colorado State University. She started with 5 years local radio on 98.5 KYGO, 5 years in network radio and has been back in local radio for over 3 years! She is a mom with two little girls, Maddie(4) and Paige(2). She is also a rescue mom of her dog Ollie Jose!! She is all about dance parties, make believe and any other mom past times you can think of. She likes to laugh and joke and will wake you up with a smile! Jay was born and raised in New York City. Brooklyn, to be exact. He knew he wanted to be on the radio when he would spend his free time tape-recording himself, talking into hairbrushes, as he talked up the intros of his vinyl records (before they were retro). Jay still does that by the way. Just kidding. He wished he could meet each and every one of his listeners. It would be a blast. Jay's 2 teenaged daughters are the loves of his life, and they keep him humble. Start your day with a unique brand of family-friendly fun and lots of Real Music Variety!  Nobody plays more music in the morning than KOSI – it’s the stress free way to start your day!  Speaking of a lotta music - at 8am every weekday, Jenny & Jay host KOSI’s Real Variety Workday Kickoff…over an hour of non-stop music to help you ease into your challenging workday. On your way to work – and when you get to work – make the Jenny & Jay Show part of your day.  Every day!

Hi I’m Jenny D. I have 2 amazing little girls, a rescue dog (who thinks he is human) and I am a hot mess most days. Just being honest! I enjoy eating store bought donut holes in silence in my car AND being around my crazy babies. I get up stupid early every day and I am usually rushing from one thing to the next with no downtime. That being said I LOVE it!! I think it is ok to say I struggle some days but I believe that it truly takes a village especially in this day and age to do all the things in life you want to do. So I think moms need a place for them to have fun and they need a community to go to for support. That is why I started my very own mom’s club years ago. I realized that all moms are different and yet we are the best cheerleaders EVER! So if you need a cheerleader, a friend, a confidante and a tribe… I’m your girl! I mean come on … a happy mom is a better mom. So I think we should hang out and be there for each other and celebrate our successes AND failures. Let’s do fun things we never give ourselves a chance to do and make some forever friends in the process. Join me in saying, “We are all GOOD MOMS”, and join Jenny’s Mom’s Club today!  Xoxo Jenny

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Taco Tuesday … with Dragons and Jenny D

Had a teacher reach out to ask if I would read a book for her class … YES please! Love this and so great for kids at home to hear another voice reading their favorite books! I picked one of my 5 year-Old’s...

Thursday, February 6th

‘27% of couples sleep in separate beds because one person does this. What is it?
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Will Jenny and Jay Call YOU Next???

Time is running out to tell us why want your own personal Valentines chef
to cook you a meal in your home.
Jenny and Jay called Karen to tell her she’s qualified!

Wednesday, February 5th

26% of people want tickets to this for Valentine’s Day. What is it?
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Tuesday, February 4th

‘25% of people have stayed in a relationship because they liked this about their partner. What is it?
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Monday, February 3rd

20% of women say this is their dream location for their partner to propose. Where is it?
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Friday, January 31st

Every person has a number for this. Only 36% of people know it. What is it?
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Thursday, January 30th

15% of people would rather give up social media than this. What is it?
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Monday, January 27th

10% of people want movie theaters to serve this healthy snack. What is it?
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Friday, January 24th

15% of people squint when they read this. What is it?
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LISTEN: The Cereal Challenge

Prepare yourself… this is pretty disgusting, but people ARE doing this challenge on Tik-Tok.
Question is… Would you?

Thursday, January 23rd

10% of Super Bowl watchers buy this before the Big Game. What is it?
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Wednesday, January 22nd

A new study reveals that doing this increases alertness by 10%. What is it?
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Friday, January 17th

Using this exercise word in your dating profile boosts your number of matches by up to 160%. What is the word?
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