You Get a Colonoscopy…You Get a Colonoscopy

By Melissa Moore on September 30, 2022

I will honestly tell you that I kept putting off getting my colonoscopy.  I wasn’t worried about the procedure as much as I didn’t want to do the prep and take a day off.  It sounds silly now writing this, but I just didn’t want to make the time to do it.  It was a hassle and in my world inconvenient.  I know- so is colorectal cancer, right?

Last Friday I finally went in and got my colonoscopy done.  All clear by the way! 😉

Here is what I will pass along:

  1.  The prep isn’t nearly as bad as I had imagined.  Just stay close to home and have a bathroom open for you.
  2. You will be hungry – just know that.
  3. You don’t feel anything thanks to the magic of anesthesia.
  4. The Doctor will tell you right away if they found anything.
  5. You will be able to go home about 30 minutes after your procedure.
  6. You’re hungry…We went out and got burger and fries – then I went home and napped for 2 hours.
  7. By the next morning I felt great.
  8. It takes your body a couple of days to get back to ‘normal’.  All that Miralex doesn’t instantly disappear!

Overall it was easy peasy.  No drama and no big deal.  Plus, I’m clear now for 10 years.  Get it done.

Also, my two cents – do the regular colonoscopy – vs. the poo in a box.  From what I have learned, the do it yourself/mail in colon test has a high false positive rate.  If it is positive – then your insurance may not pay 100% for the colonoscopy.  FYI- this is why it’s costing me money out of pocket. Learn from my mistake.

Thank you Dr. Balir and Arapahoe Endoscopy – they didn’t know me and had KOSI playing in the procedure room.  Huge KOSI fans!  xox

Good luck!


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