Wow! Look At The Nuggets Championship Ring.

By Jim Lawson on October 26, 2023
Photo Credit: Jason of Beverly Hills

Our Denver Nuggets received their 2023 NBA championship rings last night before defeating the Lakers…again.  Who is the person behind the designs of the rings?  It’s Jason Arasheben, of the Los Angeles jewelry store, Jason of Beverly Hills.

The NBA championship ring boasts two new features: A lever that shifts the design from 1967 to 2023 with the backgrounds changing from white diamonds to blue sapphires. plus a retractable compartment revealing the 2023 championship banner.

“This one is definitely one of my favorites, if not my favorite. We’re the first ones to come up with the concept of the twist-off top to reveal, whether it be the inner bowl or the retired jerseys,” said Arasheben to ESPN. “But the Nuggets’ ring features have never ever been done before on jewelry or championship rings.” One of the most unique elements of the ring is a lever that changes the color of the background on the top from blue to white.

“Using the lever at the top of the ring to change 1967 to 2023 switches the color of the ring top background from blue to white,” Jason of Beverly Hills said.

A hidden retractable compartment that includes the championship banner is included on the side of the rings. The ring also features “5280,” a reference to Denver’s elevation; the team’s mantra, “Bring It In,” as well as the Nuggets’ season record of 53-29.

The sides of the rings, one of which includes the player’s name and number, include a gold nugget texture as well. The number of jewels in certain areas of the rings is also symbolic. 

According to Jason, a row of 15 stones above the words “World Champions” signifies the 15 playoff games played at Ball Arena, and the 24 yellow diamonds on “Nuggets” represent the 24 years the team has played at Ball Arena.

Around the ring, there are 89 rubies to “honor the 89 points the Nuggets defense held their opponent to” in the final game against the Miami Heat.

The number of carats in the rings is symbolic also: The 16 carats of diamonds, rubies and sapphires represent the 16 postseason wins the Nuggets got on their way to the championship win.

Let’s hope this season produces another championship design!

Get a closer look at The Nuggets Championship Ring – here

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