Would You Rather…Smart & Sad or Happy & Dumb?

By Melissa Moore on March 10, 2022
16th August 1943: Sisters Valerie and Maureen Clark, aged 4 and 5, from the Great Arthur Street Mission in London, drinking lemonade during a day’s outing to Woodford, Essex. (Photo by Fred Morley/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

It’s a bizarre ‘Would You Rather’ that was just polled.

Would you rather be ‘Smart & Sad’ or ‘Happy & Dumb’???

According to a new survey – the answer depends on gender.

40% of men would rather be smart and sad than dumb and happy (33%). The rest were unsure

40% of women would rather be dumb and happy than smart and sad (30%). The rest were unsure

What would you choose???

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