Women Don’t Trust Men Whose Names Start With

By jennyd on May 1, 2023
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Women Don’t Trust Men Whose Names Start With ‘J’ 

The NY Post claims men, with names that begin with the letter J, are considered a red flag among some superstitious singles. The theory first gained traction during a November 2022 episode of the podcast “I Love You So Much” when podcaster Kenzie Elizabeth insisted that men, whose names begin with J cannot be trusted. Social media users seem to agree and said ” J” men are cheaters, womanizers, untrustworthy, toxic and in need of therapy…… DANG. What do you think? Seems very general but actually works in my life.  😉 I also think there are a LOT of men names that start with J …. most of the most popular ones in fact.

XO Jenny


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