Why are kids in Colorado missing more school?

By Jenny D on August 14, 2023

So good news is that we weren’t the WORST but still ranking so high on list of chronic absences for kids (7th???????).  What do you think the cause of all the absences is? I know with Covid protocols it was bad for a bit but this is mostly after all of that.  We had issues with my 3rd grader and a lot of it was teacher change over and fatigue.  Want the kids to be safe and have the most amazing year.  How do we help teachers and staff to make it a better environment for kids? – Jenny XOXOXO

During the 2021-22 school year, 35.5% of Colorado’s 849,703 enrolled students — more than 300,000 kids — were chronically absent, according to Dee’s data. That was the seventh-highest percentage of chronically absent students in the country.  Read the full story here: Denver Post – Millions of kids — including 300,000 in Colorado — are missing weeks of school as attendance tanks across U.S.


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