What to do with your used eclipse glasses

By Jenny D on April 9, 2024

Millions watched the eclipse yesterday and that means a lot of left over eclipse glasses laying around. So what can you do with them? Do not throw them away. There are options to donate and recycle them. Plus these glasses are now made of more durable stuff so you may be able to save them to use for the next eclipse!

How to donate your eclipse glasses

One option is to donate your eclipse glasses, allowing someone else in other parts of the world to safely view the rare celestial occurrence.

Astronomers Without Borders has been sending donated solar eclipse glasses to people who may not have a safe way to view an eclipse since 2008, according to the group. The organization has sent tens of thousands of eclipse glasses to South America, Asia and Africa, including some donated by Americans after the 2017 solar eclipse.

Eclipse Glasses USA also has options for donating eclipse glasses.

Their “Eclipse Give Back” program will collect gently-used eclipse glasses and send them to schools in Latin America for the upcoming annular eclipse in October. Glasses must not have any scratches, punctures, tears or any damage that might “compromise the protective quality of the glasses.”


How to recycle eclipse glasses

It’s important to note that the lens of the glasses are not recyclable, so they must be thrown out before recycling them.

The arms of the eclipse viewing glasses, which are typically made out of cardboard, can be recycled


Keeping your eclipse glasses

You can also keep your eclipse glasses as a souvenir from Monday’s celestial event.

For those looking to reuse the eclipse glasses on your next solar eclipse chase, it’s important to note that they can be reused as long as the glasses are in compliance with the ISO 12312-2 safety standard, according to Eclipse2024.org.

Keep in mind the next one in the United States won’t be until 2033. Also, the eclipse glasses mustn’t have any scratches, punctures or tears in order to be reused indefinitely.


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