What Is The Purpose Of The Red Tipped Christmas Light Bulb?

By Jim Lawson on December 3, 2023
(Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

Your Red Xmas Light Has A Specific Purpose: 

Some people are just now discovering the purpose of the red bulb on their Christmas string lights. Many believe it is a spare or replacement bulb. It actually serves a different purpose. When the red bulb is inserted, it creates a flickering effect on the string of lights. A lot of people are amazed by this revelation, and I’ll admit I was today years old when I discovered this.

The way the bulb works to create twinkling Christmas magic is with an extra piece of metal at the top of the bulb called a bi-metallic strip. When the filament in the bulb gets hot from the light current, it bends this strip which causes the lights to go out. When the strip cools down, it straightens out, reconnects and relights the filament, meaning the light goes back on. – Jim


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