What coffee you should be drinking based on your Zodiac sign

By jennyd on January 18, 2024
(Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Park Terrace Hotel)

Full disclosure I do not drink coffee often but this survey kind of nailed it for me as a Pisces. Is it true for your sign? #NationalGourmetCoffeeDay #KOSI1011



What Coffee You Should Be Drinking Based On Your Zodiac Sign … According to a article by The New York Post

  1. Aries: Bold, strong coffee
  2. Taurus: Smooth, rich latte
  3. Gemini: Versatile, dual-flavored cappuccino
  4. Cancer: Comforting, warm hot chocolate with a shot of espresso
  5. Leo: Bold, vibrant espresso shot
  6. Virgo: Balanced, expertly crafted pour-over coffee
  7. Libra: Well-rounded, harmonious blend of coffee and tea (dirty chai)
  8. Scorpio: Dark, intense cold brew coffee
  9. Sagittarius: Adventurous, globally-inspired coffee blend
  10. Capricorn: Classic, reliable drip coffee
  11. Aquarius: None, they don’t even mess with coffee
  12. Pisces: Irish Coffee, seems about right for me. LOL






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