Penny & Gracie | 4.14.21

By Austin Satkowiak on April 15, 2021

Pennie is a chihuahua mix that is approximately 11 years old. She is a bonded pair with Gracie. Pennie has a severe collapsing trachea and may need surgery in the future to correct this. Pennie is a sweet and loving girl that loves toys. Put her in a room full of toys and she will be happy for hours. She doesn’t mind other dogs but would much rather play with her squeaky toys.

Gracie is a fluffy pomeranian. She is approximately 8 years old. She also has a collapsed trachea but not as severe as Pennie. Gracie is more of snuggler and would much rather cuddle with her human than anything else. She does get a little jealous of other dogs if her human is paying attention to that dog instead of her.

Pennie and Gracie were surrendered to us because their family could no longer provide for their care. They came in overweight so they have been on a diet getting their bikini bodies ready for summer. They are a bonded pair and at this time are only available for foster. We want to make sure their medical needs are taken care of before we adopt them out. Their activity needs to be monitored to make sure they do not have issues with the collapsed trachea. Right now they are on meds to control this and are doing very well. They will need a foster that is comfortable giving meds to dogs (but honestly these girls are easy, put the pill in some cream cheese or a hot dog and there are no issues!).

If you would like to foster these girls, please fill out a foster app (you can find the app on under the fostering tab) and submit it to the foster coordinators, online as well. If you have any questions regarding our foster program, please call (303) 595-4917 or to see the other dogs available for foster or adoption, please visit

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