Why are they closing down city park bathrooms?

By jennyd on July 26, 2023
NEW YORK – JUNE 25: The inside of a new portable bathroom is seen June 25, 2003 in Washington Square Park in New York City. Sponsored by Imodium’s Urban Relief Program, 10 portable bathrooms are to be placed in five of New York City’s most trafficked parks. All the toilets will feature individual artwork designed by the people who contributed to the Cow Parade project. Unlike many European capitals, New York City has long suffered from a lack of public toilets. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Someone is blowing up toilets in parks across Denver … and I mean that they are actually blowing them up (not because of some spicy food lol). Some parks have been targeted more than once? Is this a Tik-Tok trend or something? Why do these stories keep popping up in Colorado? I would be so mad if I was at a park and my child needed to use that bathroom and it was blown to smithereens!!!  Half of the restrooms in parks across the city are out of commission. The rest are only open until 2 p.m. in an effort to cut down on vandalism. So if you are heading to the parks … go to the bathroom first and make sure you check first. Also if you see someone being suspicious tell someone!!!

XO Jenny



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