United Airlines is considering relocating its headquarters to Denver

By Jim Lawson on January 9, 2024
United Airlines is considering relocating its headquarters to Denver
(Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

United Airlines is considering relocating its headquarters to Denver

Denver, CO – United Airlines is actively pursuing the possibility of relocating its corporate headquarters from Chicago to Denver. Although the move is not yet finalized and is expected to take several years.

According to The Denver Post, United Airlines has submitted plans to the City of Denver outlining potential developments for the 113-acre land recently acquired near the city’s airport. While United has confirmed its intention to expand its flight simulator and pilot training facility on the site, the recent filing suggests additional purposes for the land. The new filing also states,  “United is actively investigating programmatic needs to support corporate campus activity accommodating 5,000 employees in future phases of the project.” 

United is currently headquartered in Chicago’s Willis Tower where the company employs nearly 5,000 corporate workers. United entered the Willis Tower back in 2007 after a move from its previous longtime home near Elk Grove Village.

Recently, United announced a significant expansion at Denver International Airport, including new flights and routes. The airline also re-announced new lounges and gates in Denver.

Chicago and Denver are the airline’s two busiest hubs with DIA being its most efficient hub.  As of December 2023, United is Denver International Airport’s largest carrier with almost 1000 flights landing and taking off every day.

Recently, the airline took a shot at Southwest Airlines, which had advertisements at DEN saying it was Denver’s most flown carrier with small print stating the claim was based on data up until 2021. It created a video with the opening line stating, “Denver’s most flown airline.” The video adds United’s “legal disclaimer” in large text, saying it has nothing to hide and that, according to the DOT, it carried more passengers in and out of Denver than any other airline.

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