Top Things WE Waste Time On in Colorado

By Melissa Moore on January 20, 2022
17th April 1936: A woman checks her watch by the time on a sundial. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

Life is short and wasting time feels too luxuriant these days.

What do we resent having to waste time on?

The one not on here for me is the microwave.

Ridiculous I know, but I hate waiting on it to count down! 😉

xox Melissa

Here is our Top Time Wasters for 2022:

1 Being on hold

2 Waiting in a queue

3 Sitting in traffic

4 Trying to ring the Doctor’s surgery

5 Waiting for a delivery to arrive

6 Commuting

7 Scrolling social media / Amazon Prime and TV channels

8 Waiting for laundry to finish

9 Getting served in a restaurant

10 Waiting for a cup of tea to brew

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