Top Annoyances When Traveling

By Melissa Moore on November 19, 2023
09 December 2020, Saxony, Rothenburg: The interior of a decommissioned Airbus A320 at the Rothenburg airfield. At the instigation of Elbe Flugzeugwerke (EFW), the aircraft is to be recycled in a test run and thus comprehensively returned to the material cycle. Photo: Sebastian Kahnert/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa (Photo by Sebastian Kahnert/picture alliance via Getty Images)

I LOVE to travel, but I do not like the ‘work’ that traveling has become.  When I fly through TSA and my flight is on time I feel like I won the lottery these days!  Still, despite the some of the hassle I am thankful when I get to travel.  Just think back to 2020 and how confined we all felt.  

When traveling, what are those things that just drive you crazy?

Here are the Top Travel Annoyances:

  1.  Kids who kick the back of the seat (and the parents that don’t stop them!)
  2. Adults who inconsiderately put their seat back
  3. People who talk on phone too loud
  4. Armrest hogs
  5. Passengers who get up before the seatbelt sign is off

What would you add to this list? 

I would tag onto #3 and say people who use their speaker on the phone in public when others are around.  I get it when you’re home in the kitchen and need your hands.  I don’t understand sitting on a plane before take-off on your speaker.  



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