Tooth Fairy feeling inflation as well

By jennyd on August 22, 2023
E366714 3/29/00 Cartman Challenges Organized Crime When He Impersonates The Tooth Fairy In “The Tooth Fairy’s Tats 2000” In The Fourth Season Premiere Of The Animated Series, “South Park.” Comedy Central (Photo By Getty Images)

Today Is Tooth Fairy Day

A survey by Delta Dental reveals that the Tooth Fairy is now paying an average of $6.23 for each lost tooth. That’s up from $5.36 last year. The Tooth Fairy was paying $1.30 per tooth when Delta started their survey in 1998. The value of a lost tooth has increased by 379% since then. If the trend continues, kids will receive $30 per tooth by 2048 


How much did you get when you were a kid? I think my first was a $2 bill … otherwise $1.  Does this make me OLD? LOL – Jenny XO


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