Tips for shoveling heavy wet snow!

By Kathie J on March 14, 2024
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The Denver metro area received a minimum of 6 inches of heavy and wet snow during our latest snow storm. Experts suggest shoveling the snow in increments. Over 3 different time periods as the snow falls during the 36 hours.

There are hidden dangers while shoveling snow. Your chance of having a stroke increases while shoveling as does your chance to slip and injure yourself.

The snow is heavy. One cubic foot of snow, roughly the size of a basketball, weighs about 20 pounds. There is a right and wrong way to shovel.

Prepare Yourself

Layer up your clothes. Wear gloves, a hat and boots with good traction to help with pushing snow. Wear clothing that wicks away the sweat.

Push the Snow

Start on an edge or at your homes entrance and push the snow out of the way from pathways, driveways, and decks to access other areas of the property without walking on the snow. You might have to cut the snow level in half. Do not load too much snow on your shovel. You can break the shovel or your back.

Lifting Snow Correctly

When lifting snow with the shovel, fill the blade to a quarter- to half-full or about the size of a basketball. Keep your back straight. Then, lift the shovel with your legs, not with your back. Always use your leg muscles to lift rather than bending at the waist. Walk the snow to its location and toss it only a short distance. Do not twist as you lift or throw the snow.

Good Luck.

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