The Tooth Fairy is paying less this year

By Kathie J on February 28, 2024

Today is National Tooth Fairy Day! The Tooth Fairy has been around for generations and dates back to the Vikings. Every culture has a version of the Tooth Fairy.  The amount of money or tokens that the Tooth Fairy leaves in exchange for the baby teeth, varies as well.

So, how much is the Tooth Fairy paying for your teeth in America?

The Tooth Fairy is paying LESS this year. A Delta Dental report shows that last year, the average payout for a child’s tooth was $6.23. This year, that amount is $5.84.

In Kathie J’s house, the Tooth Fairy leaves $5.00 but she is clumsy and sometimes Kathie or her husband will find the money under the bed or somewhere else that her child might have overlooked. (wink, wink)

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