The Rock owns the rights to 25 catchphrases!

By Kathie J on March 1, 2024

If you smell what The Rock is cooking….it probably involves the smell of money! The Rock is so business savvy that he just obtained the rights to 25 names and catchphrases including, “The Rock,” “Rock Nation,” “The Samoan Sensation,” “The People’s Champion,” “Jabroni,” “Rock Bottom” and “Know your role and shut your mouth.”

The trademark rights of some names and terms were allowed to transfer ownership thanks to TKO Holdings, the company that owns WWE after The Rock joined the company’s board of directors last month.

I’m sure The Rock gave them a very stern argument for allowing him to have the rights to his own name and sayings, which he still goes to this day long after leaving the company.

Read the whole list of the names and catchphrases that “ROCK IP” now owns. “Rockpocalypse!!”


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