The average person estimates they do THIS five times a week, or 260 a year? #TotallyTrivialTrivia 

Apr 1, 2024, 8:03 AM

I try to do the little things like hold open a door for someone or an elevator. I really wish more people did just the small acts to makes this world a better place. Maybe a new goal for myself is to do 10 a week? #Jennyandfriends #kosi1011

XO Jenny


A poll found the average person estimates they do THIS five times a week, or 260 a year?

A: “random act of kindness” moments

Congrats Kayla of #greeley you won a pair of tickets to see #SarahMcLachlan at #RedRocks on June 7th!

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Jim Lawson

“Beverly Hills, 90210” Star Shannen Doherty Dies at 53

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Reports: Richard Simmons has died

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Devastating Blow: Nuggets' Top Prospect Tears Achilles in Summer League...

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Devastating Blow: Nuggets’ top prospect tears achilles in summer league

DaRon Holmes II had a strong start in his first professional game during the Las Vegas Summer League on Friday night, but unfortunately, it concluded with the rookie having to […]

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NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 04:  (EDITORS NOTE: Multiple exposures were combined in camera to produce th...

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New Captain America movie trailer with Marvel surprise

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Alec Baldwin manslaughter case dismissed

Alec Baldwin cried in court today when the Judge presiding over his case dismissed it. Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer granted the defense’s motion to dismiss the case, in which they […]

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The average person estimates they do THIS five times a week, or 260 a year? #TotallyTrivialTrivia