Stevie Wonder to undergo kidney transplant

By on July 8, 2019

 Lester Cohen/Getty Images

Stevie Wonder wasted little time addressing last week’s reports that he was in poor health.  The 69-year-old music legend announced Saturday that he’ll undergo a kidney transplant.

Wonder made the announcement from the stage during a concert in London’s Hyde Park, saying he’ll take a break from touring in September to undergo the procedure.

“So what’s gonna happen is this: I am going to have surgery. I’m going to have a kidney transplant in September of this year,” Wonder told the crowd, as captured in a video tweeted by BBC reporter Aleem Maqbool

Wonder went on: “It’s all good, it’s all good, I’m all good.  I have a donor, it’s all good.  I want you to know, I came here to give you my love and to thank you for your love.  You ain’t got to hear no rumors about nothing.  I told you what’s up.  I’m good.  All right?”

The Detroit Free Press last week quoted Joan Belgrave, a longtime friend of the singer, as saying of Wonder, “He’s got some health challenges, but he doesn’t want a big PR thing out of this,” adding, “He knows what he has to do to get himself together, and he’s doing it.”

Speculation surrounding Wonder’s health was further sparked by a video posted June 25 by Philadelphia radio DJ Patty Jackson, in which she claimed Wonder was suffering from kidney failure and had begun dialysis.

Wonder’s next tour stop is Tuesday night in Dublin, Ireland, after which he returns to the U.S. in time for a July 11 show in Charlotte, NC.

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