Soon You Can Get Starbucks at Colorado Target Drive Up!

By Melissa Moore on August 9, 2023
371487 05: A car pulls up to a dual-window, stand-alone, walk-up and drive-through Starbucks Coffee shop June 23, 2000 in Lombard, IL. This drive-up shop is the only one of its kind in the Starbucks franchise at this time, although others are planned. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Newsmakers)

I love Target and I now love them just a little bit more.  Target just announced today that

 its new Drive Up with Starbucks service is launching in Denver.

The new service allows Target customers to add Starbucks menu items to a Drive Up order and then  have it delivered to their car at stores offering its Drive Up service. How great is this!! 

You go to pick up your school supplies and you can get a Starbucks!  Win – win!! 

According to Target here is how it works:

After placing a Drive Up order at a participating Target store and receiving notification that it’s ready, a guest will indicate they are en route in the Target app.


  1. The guest will receive a prompt to place an order from the Starbucks full menu. Upon making their Starbucks selections, they will click “Add for Drive Up” and pay for the order.     

  1. Once the guest completes the Drive Up check-in process and indicates “I’m on my way,” a Starbucks barista located within the participating Target store prepares the order. This includes packaging food and beverage items to ensure their safe transport, such as drink stoppers to securely seal lid openings. 

  1. The guest parks in the designated Drive Up parking area and taps “I’m here” in the Target app. A Target team member then delivers the freshly prepared Starbucks order — along with the guest’s Drive Up purchase — to their car. 

Will you take advantage of this??


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