So many firsts

By jennyd on April 16, 2023

For the longest time I was unable to take my girls on adventures and show them the world. Now I am and thanks to our friends at Disney Cruise Line this will be our biggest adventure yet!! As you may know we are giving away a Disney Cruise Line Vacation for 4!! They offered me the chance of a lifetime to take my girls and experience it as well.  This was the first day … first time on airplane, first time seeing the ocean, first time riding a ferry (this was my first too).  San Diego is gorgeous and I am so grateful for the memories made.  Today will be the day we embark The Disney Wonder.  The girls have no idea we are going.  It is going to be EPIC! Stay tuned for more firsts and a glimpse of what could be your next adventure too.  Listen after 8 AM Monday morning for the boat horn and you could be on your way as well!! XOXOXO




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