Ski season closer than we thought, one resort already making snow

By Elizabeth Weiler on September 27, 2023
ski season
Komen Colorado Snowhoe for the Cure. Frisco Nordic Center, Frisco, Colorado, 2016

Dillion, CO — Last year Colorado broke its’ own record for earliest ski resort opening to date. Skiers across the centennial state are hoping for the same luck and extended ski season this year. Their wish may come true as Arapahoe Basin (A-Basin) is already making snow for the 2023/24 season. 

Last year resorts began opening on Halloween day. Over the last weekend, A- Basin shared to their blog a photo of snow making with a clear blue Colorado Sky in the background. 

However, that was not the first time the resort had attempted snow making this fall! On Sept. 23, the resort posted, “About 3 a.m. this morning the snowmaking team fired up the system. The wet bulb temperature dropped down to 25 F. The primary objective of the session was testing. The temps were a bit colder than we expected. The system components worked well. Over the next week or two, we will do this a few more times. At some point, the temps will drop even further, stay colder longer and the snow will start to pile up. You know what happens after that.”

Seemingly, all is going well and as planned for A-Basin, and it may not be long until others follow suit. 

To view A-Basin web cams, click/here

If A-Basin opens earlier than last year and continues to stay open through June as it has in the past, it may have the longest ski season in Colorado. 

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