Sir Paul McCartney makes his own guitar picks by crushing pennies under trains

By mbrooks on August 22, 2019

Paul McCartney makes his own guitar picks. Sir Paul’s picks cost him just pennies.

The former Beatle puts pennies on train tracks and waits for a train to flatten those coins.

He then uses the “trained” penny to make his own guitar picks.

According to The Mirror, Sir Paul has been visiting the train tracks to flatten the pennies.

McCartney was at the Long Island Railroad in New York recently doing just that.

If you want an officially licensed guitar pick pack of The Beatles, it will cost you $17.38, after an added fee for trans-Atlantic shipping.

McCartney can afford the extra shipping, after all. He is worth about $1.2 billion.

With that kind of cash, Sir Paul could be crushing gold coins for his guitar picks.

Gold guitar picks would match nicely with all of his gold records.

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