Single on Valentine's Day…Maybe Next Year!

By on February 14, 2018

If you’re single, Valentine’s Day is a day when you believe next year just might be different. Case in point, last year was a really difficult Valentine’s Day for me. I had just been diagnosed with cancer (melanoma on my face), had gone through an emotional break up and was 100% single.  So single that my sweet dad and step-mom took me, my sister and our kids out for a Valentine’s Day dinner.  It was a wonderful night, but let’s be honest – this is not how I imagined Valentine’s Days would look in my 40’s.   I’m not a big let’s go out for Valentine’s Day and celebrate our love, but there is something special to having someone on February 14th.  I mean even as a kid, I remember having a crush on a boy and making sure I picked out the perfect valentine for him.  The pressure of which Snoopy valentine to give him!  Would he get the hidden meaning? Would he recognize that Snoopy kissing Woodstock was us?  Then I’d dig through my Valentine’s to see what I could read into the card he gave me.  I was certain that a Star Wars valentine saying ‘The Force Be With You’ meant he liked me too.  Right? Not having a crush on Valentine’s Day…boring.  Being 40ish and single…it’s just a Snoopy valentine with no Woodstock.

This year, I was certain life would be different. Oh it’s different all right, differently single!  This year my parents are at their home in Santa Fe and my daughter is with her dad.  This year, it’s me and my trusty steed, Cisco (my English Bulldog).  Honestly it’s not what I thought this year would be relationship wise, but I am still so thankful that it’s also not last year.  This year I’m physically and emotionally healthy and although Cisco is still the main man in my life, I’m grateful.  Grateful for the family, friends and love in my life.  Grateful to be healthy and grateful that I still have hope.  Yep, there’s that four letter word that pops up every year at this time.  Hope. As I’ve been told numerous times, “It’s amazing you still have so much hope!”  Thanks? 😉

I was talking to a girlfriend of mine and she thought that being married was worse than being single. She said for her, the hope of being swept off her feet was gone.  She was married to the ‘most unromantic guy’ ever (great guy- just not romantic) and there was no hope that it was going to change.  “At least you still have the possibility of being swept off your feet!”.  Hmm – I guess I do.  It’ funny/ironic how we always think the other side of the grass is truly greener.  Sometimes it is and sometimes – it’s just the same dang grass.

To all my single peeps – we’ve got this. Big love.  Don’t settle for anything less and don’t give up hope.  It’s out there and just know that no matter what, you are enough.  You are smart enough, pretty/handsome enough, loved enough…you are enough.   And just because you’re enough doesn’t mean that you can’t hope for something more.  I’m still hoping for Aquaman or Blake Shelton to show up at my door…on a Harley…with flowers and wine….  Hope.  Gotta have it!



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